Capital and domestic work !

Wages for domestic work is one of the anti – capitalist workers´ demands !

Capitalism´s based on wage labour and the exploitation of workers . A basic solution for keeping wages low is making the sanctity of domestic work . The capitalist class through unpaid domestic work reduces the costs of capitalist production enormously and the total cost of reproducing labour force and caring for children , the sick and elderly , with no cost for capital , get imposed to the working class  and instead of paying for the labour force of two workers it only pays the wage for one and thus it makes profit most galactic . By considering housekeeping as the main duty of women and by this means their work outside of home can be acknowledged as unnecessary and temporary work , and by employing women with lower and insignificant wages and with more obediently can be exploited in the workplaces .

The approach of anti – capitalist workers believe that paying wages for domestic work can be a very effective weapon in ending or at least limiting the pressure of domestic works . This wage , not in a false and caricature form of the payable right of spouse and child which can be paid to men , but it must be equal to the wages of each employed worker and be deposited in the account of every housewife .

Feminists express opposition that this demand make the women´s homeliving permanent !!

It´s very unbelievable that if the capitalist class and its state are forced to pay wages for housekeeping likewise continue to insist that women stay at home and be engaged in housekeeping !! If the capitalist class with its state are forced to accept this demand (wages for domestic work) under pressure of the power of labor movement ، then the capitalist class with its state and including the same predatory capitalist state in Iran much faster than the leftist and feminist sects would be attempting for pulling out women of home and employment and exploitation of them as widely as possible outside the home in work centers . The action of the European capitalist class and above all, the Scandinavian countries to develop kindergartens , public laundries and care centers for the elderly and disabled and similar institutions in the meantime that it was the result of the great workers´ movement and the First International , Paris Commune and October Revolution , undoubtedly , profit and savings calculations also played an important role in it . Social democracy not for civilization and women´s rights purpose ,but by the way , it´s because of the calculation of losses and gains of capital that some here and there it´s not been associated with the degenerated reactionary religious sections of the capitalist class that demanding the payment of allowances to women to take care of children at home . Housekeeping is a laborious work and destroyer of soul and psyche of women . Cooking and cleaning , child care and caring for the elderly , the sick and the disabled , all of these must be taken out of the home . Working women accept to care of these at home because of the pressure of poverty , they´re unable to pay for restaurant , kindergartens and nursing homes . Receiving wages for domestic work give them opportunity that women will be able to free themselves from being forced to do domestic work and delegate all these matters to public social institutions . It goes without saying that nowadays in Western and Northern Europe there´s domestic work on a very high level too . All the men and women who each work in factories and school , hospital and other work centers and get exploited by capital , still they also work long hours indoors and this again serves to reproduce labour force and it does serve to reproduction of capitalism and increasing the value-added capital . Demanding wages for domestic work in connection with other anti – capitalist claims suchlike free kindergarten and education , healthcare and caring for the sick and disabled and also the elderly makes getting rid of hard domestic work at home more realistic . From the perspective of reformist , capitalist – oriented and leftist feminism that the existence of domestic work is rooted in the remnants of ancient systems of history and reactionary beliefs of states and men !! and the existence of domestic work has nothing to do with cpitalism !! and that means the struggle of the working class to eradicate the real roots of the existence of domestic work is not at all necessary !! The maximum expectations of this approach is that women instead of working at home they consent to exploitation in work centers and instead of eliminating the wage labour they demand equal wages . In many cases they also lament the lack of presence of several female ministers and lawyers in planning the order of capitalism and the application of this anti – humanitarian order to the working class .!!

Once again we have to emphasize that for anti – capitalist workers the basis is the complete eliminating unpaid domestic work , but demanding wages for housekeeping is the common stronghold of the class struggle of working men and women to improve the standard of living and much better livelihood´s conditions . This demand will shake the economic dependence of women on men , a knocking blow to patriarchy , against being the second sex and humiliation of women . By adopting this anti – capitalist approach by the whole working class so the large mass of working women will not seek the protesting against gender discrimination in joining the capitalist misguidances of feminism , but in the nationwide class struggle of the anti – capitalist movement and in the anti – capitalist struggles of their own class , the working class , will play a more effective role .

The anti – capitalist workers of IranNov. 27 , 2021