2 thoughts on “<strong>Only the power of the class unity of the workers is able to stop the execution machine of the Islamic regime of capital !</strong>

  1. Dear “Anti-Capitalist Workers” of Iran!

    We want to greet you from the place where we are living in, i.e., Europe. We are a very small group of comrades, internationalists and communists, who are developing militant activities since years and decades (for some of us). We publish different materials in several languages and we also translate various contributions published by other groups all over the world. There are people who label us as “left communists” even if we refuse this kind of narrow categorization, especially as we don’t consider that there could exist at the same time “centrist communists” and “rightist communists”, these latter are simply not communists. The social barricade is divided in two sides: revolution and counterrevolution, communism versus capitalism, between both there is nothing!!!

    Since now more than five years we are following very closely the developments of the class struggle in Iran!!! We think that what happens in this region (the so-called “Middle East”!!!?) is very important for the whole activities and consciousness of our class – the proletariat – in its global struggle against the capitalist social relations imposing on humanity exploitation, war, misery, starvation, alienation, fear and terror.

    During our process to understand and grasp better the current struggles unfolding in Iran since more than four months and in order to intervene within it, we tried to find militant groups which could be somehow close to our positions, or at least groups putting forward and militating for the social revolution.

    We discovered a lot of leftist groups and organizations but none at the level of our expectations.

    And then we discovered some texts signed by Mazdak Kohkan and others by “Anti-capitalist workers” which we found interesting and finally we reached your blog “AGAINST CAPITAL – Anti-capitalist workers’ tribune” (https://alayhesarmaye.com/). The main problem is obviously the question of the language: most of your texts are in Persian (Farsi) that none of us here are able to speak. So, we are using machine-translators in order to try to understand somehow the different texts and manifestos. About your group we also discovered that you made the huge effort to translate in English some of your materials and that’s very great!

    Could you please contact us so that we can think about exchanging comments and critics and how to organize class solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran and with the few tiny communist minorities there!?

    Waiting for your reply…

    1. Dear Internationalist Comrades !
      thanks for ur visit and we appreciate ur feedback too. for our class-battle matter and much more effective presence in class battlefield, shoulder by shoulder together, we would like to get know u, dear comrades.
      please, leave ur website address

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